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welcome to the closedmondays leather company. we are a small company  with the sole objective to make high quality , practical pieces that will last for years.  our raw materials are sourced and hand picked from some of the  finest leather suppliers and tanneries in the uk. our metal materials primarily come from the last buckle foundry in the uk. currently we are working with dice magazine to produce the dice no1 leather belt and accessories please visit our on-line shop, click here , where hopefully you will find something you like, if not, don't worry ! cos we are always open to new ideas and commissions. we enjoy a challenge and welcome your ideas. in the mean time if you want something now please drop me an email cheers gavin   英国製のレザー、フィッティングを使用した高品質ハンドメイドレザープロダクツ ギャヴィン

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  1. Hey Gav,

    Saw your mention on Eat Dust. Really impressed my son. Next time i’m in the UK i’ll give you a call; need a good belt or two. Other than that, what you up to? See the odd photo of you on Faceache but it usually looks a bit messy. All good here; one of these days I’ll bore you about it over a pint or five.

    Stay safe and warm!


  2. To Gavin just seen your leather belts,after looking at the eat dust website link,they look superb.Could you send me a price and availability,cheers,atb mark.

  3. Hello!

    At the office – stuffing down a KFC and thought I’d take a look at your website. I had no idea about your talent with leather – it is brilliant stuff.

    R & J

  4. Hello mate,

    I’m loving my closedmondays leather co. wallet, Its wearing really nicely now ;0) I might need an iphone case next!
    Hope you’re well, catch up over beer soon.

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